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Oh, I wouldn't be too sure
Once, just once, I’d like to walk into one of these tents and find it’s a party
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31st-Jan-2012 12:59 pm - Got my work hours
I got my work hours and now off to crochet some. Starting on another Skein of yearn. Going to check in on my art contests on Gaia later. one is ending this Friday.
27th-Jan-2012 12:34 pm - It's Rainy and yuckie
yep it's raining and yucky. Going to go work on my room some. and rping some .. Fun fun fun.
25th-Jan-2012 08:40 pm - another day.
Sitting watching ghost hunters repeat then off to the new one and then off to face off with the naked painting. Right now i'm sitting with my playing on Nintendo shop updating stuff then off to play a game or two.
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
I'm proud to be a Fire rabbit
23rd-Jan-2012 12:40 pm - Well
Finished book 3 of the hallow series.Going to start book 4 soon. Eating lunch right now waiting for a friend. And when mom gets home LOTR is going on. wish my pain will go away soon.
18th-Jan-2012 12:27 pm - Time to see the change
Weigh: 196lbs
Chest:34 in
Waist: 32in
Hips: 42in
Thighs: 22 in
Calves: 16in
Upper arm: 15in
Forearm: 12 in
So until Next month those are my measurements
And until next week that's my weigh

Woot i went down in my thighs and my waist soooo happy
17th-Jan-2012 06:11 pm - So pleased with my self
I went to get my cleaning done and out of the way and i only have 3 cavities 2 from a previous time and one new one. So proud of my self. And on top of that i'm staring a new skein of yarn on my friends blanket and i'm only 13 chapters away from being done with book 3.
16th-Jan-2012 12:54 pm - oh what a tangel web
Well just did some work out..now  legs are protesting to work. Now on to write two checks for my car payment.... fun fun...
15th-Jan-2012 11:17 am - ...
With my heart sunken low from the Broncos lost. I sit here with a dog who is almost 100% better. With the weather out side of negative five  i think i may just work on my friends blanket all day.
13th-Jan-2012 08:30 pm - Ah Friday
It's another Friday. Dog is getting better. His now getting up and walking.. still stumbling but walking. Hopping my nephew is having a good birthday on this day. I know I'm wish he dose. Right now watching smackdown. Then after that i'm watching Merlin. Hopping before tuesday my cold soars and my cut on the roof of my mouth heal. I don't want to go to the dentist with them. But anyway after i post this i plain on working on my friends blanket.

Nintendogs & cats: I have Snowflower on walk i have gotten 3081 steps which i got heart cookies.
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